The Endzone Club: Blue Devil Parents

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Kroger Community Rewards Program

Important: Your Kroger Community Rewards enrollment expires each year on April 30th! This applies to all customers in the Michigan Division! Please re-enroll and update your allocation on or after May 1st to ensure your rewards are being allocated. To re-enroll or check your allocation, go to

Grid Iron Community Rewards information:

  • Organization Name: Grosse Pointe South Gridiron Club (Gridiron is 1 word)
  • Organization Number: 89972

This program is completely free to you – Kroger makes donations based on a percentage of dollars spent for any customer enrolled in the Community Rewards program.

  1. New and current Kroger Reward Customers go to 
  2. Sign In or Create an Account to Enroll
    • if you are a current Rewards customer (you either have a card, key chain sign into your accounttag, or enter your phone number at the checkout)
      • On your “Account Summary” page, you should see “Community Rewards” at the bottom of the page, click “Edit” to update your rewards recipient
      • Under “Find Your Organization” search for Grosse Pointe South Gridiron Club (Gridiron is 1 word)
    • sign up by selecting "Enroll Now" (look for Michigan) if you are a new Community Rewards customer
      • complete the information to create an account
      • follow directions to allocate rewards to Grosse Pointe South Gridiron Club (Gridiron is 1 word)
        • if not directed to the allocation information, look for “Community” towards the top of the screen and select “Community Rewards”
        • Follow the directions provided